(If you have any questions about this (or any) version of ScribeFire and you’re on Twitter, you can contact me there; I’m @cfinke.)

The following changes were made to ScribeFire between versions 3.3.1 and 3.4pre:

New Features

  • ScribeFire should fit in better with the native styles of Firefox.
  • Cleaned up “About” tab of ScribeFire
  • The “Open in new window” checkbox in the “Add a link” dialog stays checked if you check it.
  • Post slugs are now editable if the blog supports it:


  • Settings are exportable now and can be imported on other computers.
  • FTP settings are now customizable per blog
  • Cleaned up preferences; moved into their own dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • The editor remembers the last font you used.
  • Fixed Tumblr account addition
  • Fixed bug with <pre> elements

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    Thank you for beta new versions. while bags has not found. I from Russia, bad know the english, given text write through translator so we ask the petitions for mistakes. There was much comfortable if possible was a structure blogs. For instance on file (auto, business, home) To in each category/file possible was add several blogs. Presently under 15 blogs big mess in list.

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