June 12, 2009

ScribeFire and Twitter

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A lot of people request that ScribeFire be updated so that it can post to Twitter, since ScribeFire is a blogging tool and Twitter is a micro-blog. I don’t have any immediate plans to add this feature, since there is another Firefox add-on that satisfies this need in a way that complements ScribeFire.

It’s called TwitterBar, and it’s another one of my projects. It lets you tweet and post links to Twitter directly from your browser’s address bar: Just type your message in the address bar and then type –post (no need to press Return), or click on the Twitter icon at the end of the address bar to post it to Twitter.

If you want to use Twitter to share links to your blog posts, just publish your post as you normally do with ScribeFire, open your post after it’s published, and click on the Twitter icon in the address bar. It will post a link to your blog post on Twitter, and you can even tell TwitterBar to include the title of your post as well.

If you’d like to try out TwitterBar, you can install it from Mozilla Add-ons. It’s on Mozilla’s list of recommended add-ons, and it’s one of the highest rated add-ons in the “Social & Communication” category, so you can be guaranteed that other users have found it helpful.

May 15, 2008

Bub.blicio.us review; ScribeFire on Twitter

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We welcome all reviews, positive and negative, but we especially like reading the positive ones ;-). Michelle Lentz at bub.blicio.us has posted a great review of ScribeFire, complete with screenshots and a look at the Quickblogging toolbar. You can follow Michelle’s writings at bub.blicio.us or you can follow Michelle on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, there is also a Twitter account for ScribeFire. Feel free to follow if you want to be updated with the latest in ScribeFire happenings, including bits of news that might not merit their own blog post.