July 14, 2008

Introducing ScribeFire Notes

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By popular demand, we have created a lite version of ScribeFire, called ScribeFire Notes. It uses the main ScribeFire tool as a base, but removes all of the blog-specific bits and leaves only the editor and notes features intact. It is intended for users who only wish to easily take notes and use the WYSIWYG editor without needing the ability to post to a specific blog.

ScribeFire Notes was originally developed for Engadget, the Web’s most-read blog. The Engadget editors wanted a tool just for taking notes and text-editing; after using ScribeFire Notes, Engadget editor Nilay Patel commented,

“At this point, I can’t imagine working without ScribeFire.”

Due to the success it has seen at Engadget, and based on similiar requests we have received in the past, we have decided to make ScribeFire Notes available to all users. If you do not want to (or cannot) use ScribeFire to publish to your blog, but would still like an easy-to-use in-browser editor with the ability to save notes, ScribeFire Notes is for you.

Click here to install ScribeFire Notes.

ScribeFire Notes

Note that if you are running the standard ScribeFire installation, this will be replaced by ScribeFire Notes, but you can return to ScribeFire at any time by installing it from Mozilla Add-ons. Your blogs and posts will not be affected by installing ScribeFire Notes. ScribeFire Notes does not have any features not found in the full ScribeFire add-on.