July 1, 2008

ScribeFire QuickAds is born!

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ScribeFire Users, I am excited to announce a new chapter for ScribeFire… QuickAds!  As you can see from our new site layout we intend to not only continue to improve upon our core blog editor functionality but also have launched an easy way for you to make more money with your blog!

QuickAds allows you to add a fully optimized banner ad to your blog without adding a single line of code.  Here are more reasons to try out QuickAds:

  • Leverage our relationships with top ad networks and serve one ad that we are optimizing with our technology to make sure every impression you serve is earning you the most money.
  • We have a direct sales team that is out pitching your blog to direct advertisers and agencies.
  • One dashboard to track all your earnings from multiple networks.  No need to login to multiple ad networks.
  • One consolidated check with no minimum payouts and lighting fast net 7 payout terms.  You will get paid on the 7th of the month for your previous month’s earnings.

ScribeFire is also announcing it is now a MediaWhiz company.  That means more resources behind this great tool and more features to come.  Chris Finke will be staying on board to help drive the tool forward and I will be helping to lead the charge along with a full team of Internet marketers and technologists.  We have been building this ad optimization technology quietly in the background for the last six months and are excited to get users on board!

QuickAds is currently in a limited beta and we will continue to invite users on a first come basis so please leave us your email address here so we can reach out.  More information on QuickAds is available here, and you can watch a video demo of this new feature below:

We look forward to bringing you more features for our ScribeFire blog editor and QuickAds and don’t hesitate to contact me directly: patrick (at) scribefire.com to share your feedback.

May 15, 2008

Bub.blicio.us review; ScribeFire on Twitter

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We welcome all reviews, positive and negative, but we especially like reading the positive ones ;-). Michelle Lentz at bub.blicio.us has posted a great review of ScribeFire, complete with screenshots and a look at the Quickblogging toolbar. You can follow Michelle’s writings at bub.blicio.us or you can follow Michelle on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, there is also a Twitter account for ScribeFire. Feel free to follow if you want to be updated with the latest in ScribeFire happenings, including bits of news that might not merit their own blog post.

May 11, 2008

ScribeFire Video Review from Jon Mills

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Jon Mills at affiliatebusinessadvisor.com has posted a video review of ScribeFire that covers most of the basics of the ScribeFire editor:

See Jon’s site for the text accompanying the video review.

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April 1, 2008

Another ScribeFire video review

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There’s a nicely done video review of ScribeFire at WizzHack.co.uk. Unlike the last video review we posted, this one is in English, not Turkish, so it’s maybe a bit more relevant for most of you.

February 22, 2008

Another ScribeFire review

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Dan at SoftInquiry has posted a review of ScribeFire, including a screencast of how to user ScribeFire.

January 1, 2008

ScribeFire video review

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ShiftDelete.net has published a video review of ScribeFire. It’s in Turkish, so I don’t understand it all, but it sure does look neat.