July 30, 2008

ScribeFire’s New “Publishing Options” Dialog

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In ScribeFire 2.3, we’ve reworked the way that you tell ScribeFire whether your post is a draft, an edit, a page, or a new entry. We think that this will solve quite a few problems related to the confusion surrounding exactly how to configure these settings.

  1. After you have created an entry in ScribeFire and would like to send it to your blog, click the “Publish to ‘My Blog’” button:

    Publish to My Blog

    This is the first step for publishing a new post, saving a draft, creating a new page, or editing an existing page. If you want to send content to your blog in any form, click this button.

  2. After you click the “Publish…” button, a dialog will appear with options for the post:

    Publishing options

  3. Select what kind of post you’re saving here, and click OK to send it to your blog.

We hope that this new workflow will clean up the layout of the editor and make it easier to understand exactly what you’re sending to your blog. Feel free to comment below with any criticism or suggestions on this topic.

March 13, 2008

Using the “Post Timestamp” feature

Filed under: Feature, How-To -- Christopher Finke @ 12:00pm

A new feature in ScribeFire 1.4.7 for users of Firefox 3 is the ability to set an arbitrary publishing date on your posts. (Note: Blogger does not support this feature.)

To use this feature, simply write your post as you normally would:

An example post

And then open the “Options” panel of the right sidebar and change the date and time under “Edit Timestamp” to the time when you want your post to become public:

Editing a post

Then, just publish your post as usual. That’s all there is to it!