November 3, 2011

ScribeFire 4 is Available

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Version 4 of ScribeFire for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari is now available. This version includes the following changes:

New Features

  • Using OAuth authorization for blogs
  • Using OAuth authorization for Blogger blogs
  • Added support for “Read more” in LiveJournal blog posts
  • Private posts in Posterous
  • Upload images by copy and paste (Chrome only)

Google Chrome users, download ScribeFire 4 for Google Chrome here.

Safari users, download ScribeFire 4 for Safari here.

Firefox users, you can download ScribeFire 4 for Firefox here.

Opera users, you can download ScribeFire 4 for Opera here.

38 Responses to “ScribeFire 4 is Available”

  1. 1

    I do not like change, takes up more room for the same

  2. 2

    Have reverted back to previous version because this update does not appear to allow saving of posts for retrieval at a later date which seems to defeat its purpose.

  3. 3
    Razvan T. Coloja

    Makes my Firefox 4.0.1 freeze every time I open the new ScribeFire… :(

  4. 4

    Hello “BRAVO FOR your work”
    But why did you choose to save the post server ?
    That make i can work offline :(

    My config : FF Mac

    No i will be please to post you a Collector Tshirt but i want a picture of you wearing IT :D

  5. 5

    Well, you’ve majorly screwed ScribeFire up; it’s locked up three times on three attempts I’ve made to run it, forcing Firefox to have to be shut down completely to recover.

    I’m kicking ScribeFire to the curb completely.

    Reminds me of the ‘failed’ update you tried months ago. Should’ve left well enough alone!

    I’ll check back in a couple months, to see if you’ve managed to ‘get it right’.


  6. 6

    Can’t delete posts. Double spaces instead of single. Old version still way better(it works anyways).

  7. 7

    I will downgrade to the old Version, till the new one is working properly!


  8. 8
    Razvan T. Coloja

    Today I wrote a long text then inserted a Youtube video. It hung on me, I lost everything I wrote. Great success!

  9. 9

    Updated without my input to v.4 which caught me by surprise as all my saved posts disappeared. Removed then back installed to previous v3.* to enable access to saved items, blow me logged on today and its updated itself to v.4 ‘without my input’ again and no access to saved items ‘again’. Have uninstalled and will look for an alternative to this once, but no longer great add-on.

  10. 10
    Razvan T. Coloja

    Is it your policy as a developer to delete comments that criticize your extension as being extremely faulty?

  11. 11

    I installed the new version and it ran smoothly… for one day.
    The next day I tried to blog a post, but then scribefire reported that there was an error, something about “invalid grant”. So I tried to reentered account info and password and it worked, again only for one day. Next day the same thing happened all over again.
    FYI: I am using scribefire on firefox to blog on Blogger.

    I know this is a piece of free software so I am not trying to compliant. But I think you want to know there is a problem.

  12. 12
    <°((( ~~<

    Yes, indeed, there are several questions:

    - where can i find the ok-button to accept new settings?
    - where can i change to the css-formatting used up to now?
    - whrere are the tabs?
    - how can i close the text-field and open a new one?
    - why does the surface change without me being notified before?
    - why do you publish software that is not finished?
    - how can i change to the old version, that was working satisfyingly?

    Best regards!

  13. 13

    *gah* I hate unrequested updates! Took me hours to get finally some text blogged. At least give people a choice when to do updates and don’t force them into some buggy beta-stuff.

    At the moment I can’t insert pictures in a satisfying way.
    First of all it doesn’t prompt a proper link – I have to add the – bit. Then it somehow chokes most of the article-text when I insert a picture and an (almost) empty article is posted.

    f8 doesn’t work either.

    I’m so much done for today I can’t even have a proper whinge.

  14. 14

    I’m with serr8d. I lost HOURS trying to use this worthless turd. What a shame. Scribefire used to make blogging easier and quicker, not incredibly frustrating.

  15. 15

    Good job Mr. Finke :D

  16. 16

    I was not happy when scribefire auto updated to the latest version. I tried it in beta for a couple of times but always went back to the old version. And that’s what I have done now. It is silly and extremely faulty and lazy not to have copy and paste in right click. Not to mention that uploading images from the computer just hangs there, nothing comes up. These things should have been done first even in the beta period. I’ve gone back to the old version and until Scribefire fixes or adds these simple requests. I’m using the old stuff. Sometimes they are just better!

  17. 17

    Although I hate to pile on the criticism for somebody that’s creating a piece of what was once useful software, I’m with the others. The original version was useful the next attempt didn’t work well and this one has too many problems. The latest problem I’m saying is that it keeps asking about Zemanta posts even though I turned it off in the options.

    I’d go back to the original version if I was confident that it wouldn’t just try to update itself.

    Hope you fix Scribefire

  18. 18

    I can’t seem to find any of the 17 blogs I had registered with the former Scribefire in the brand new edition? Do I need to manually add them all over again? I think not! Back to the previos version for me too.

  19. 19

    Another vote against the new release. The old one works more reliably, has better and more user controls, and most importantly is set up in a way that’s intuitive for me to use. v4 is none of these things, and as a result of the third reason I’m not even going to try to make it work for me when I know the previous release already does what I want, how I want it done. Out with the new, in with the old.

  20. 20
    Robert Siegler

    Congratulations. You managed to destroy a great program. After using Scribe Fire for over 2 years, it will no longer even publish to my blog.Like Ipchan I get the “invalid grant” nonsense. I switched back to “classic”. Nope. Back to Next. Nope. I will either blog directly through Blogger(which is inconvenient) or I will find another extension. This is just incompetence on your part.

  21. 21

    are you going to include thumbnails in the next versions?


  22. 22

    Gracias por hacer esta versión muy usable que la basada en Scribefire Next. Carga muy rápido y no trae tantas cosas incluidas que me había alejado de Scribefire.

    Thank you for your work!

    I love Scribefire Classic :D

  23. 23

    bug : insert post splitter in blogger turn to please fix .

  24. 24

    Well, unlike many of the commenter’s above, I found ScribeFire Next 4.0 to be working. Finally, it uploads images from my local drive to my WP blog. Yay!

    However, I am still not going to use it (unless I have to). The main feature missing for me is customizable (or programmable) edit keys.

    The only blog client I know that has programmable edit keys is w.bloggar (and it is no longer developed, though I still use it). Having shortcut keys to common xhtml tags I use is very important to me. I don’t want to have to type <div class=”special_class”>some text</div>.

    For me, this feature is more important that a preview that uses my site’s CSS for rendering.

  25. 25
    Patrick in Michigan

    No spellcheck, no cut and paste ability. and you want me to use this thing?



  26. 26

    I wrote a long post. I tried to open an image but all in vein. Saving posts is taking too long as it is saving to server. :(. No connection no saving. Huh! And finally I hit button for publishing and you know what after taking 20 minutes for a post with text only it said publishing successful. But I can find my post on my blog!! total waste of time trying it. :(

  27. 27

    It seems like the new ScribeFire does not work for Typepad. My password protected Typepad blog that I use for work (so that only colleagues can see it) always worked with the old ScribeFire. Help!

  28. 28
    Kevin Dorff

    I started trying this out today. I like it a lot, but I’d like to know if it is possible to supply a bit of CSS so things appear more like they do in the final page while I am editing?

  29. 29

    Is it just me or Scribefire can’t log in to LiveJournal? I am currently using Scribefire4 on Chrome. Here is the error msg:

    ScribeFire couldn’t get the information it needed about your blog. Helpfully, your blog returned this message: 401 Authentication Failed Authentication FailedAuthentication failed for this AtomAPI request.

  30. 30

    Never used a blog edtior before, I installed “Scribefire Next” in hope of it helping me blog better.
    It installed ok in my Firefox but when I press “Add a new blog” and enter the URL to my blog “” and press Next it just sits there spinning and spinning.

    No blogging for me. Sigh. ..

  31. 31
    Mike Southern

    Whatever browser I try to install ScribeFire on, I receive a security error message saying the application is unverified, insecure, that it can compromise me by scraping data from my browser. I cannot find anything online to support these claims nevertheless erring on the side of caution seems sensible.

    Presumably those upgrading to v4 have used previous versions. HAs enybody had security issues with this program?



  32. 32
    fp a distancia

    Thanks for this release as usable, fast charge and trouble in firefox

    good job

  33. 33
    Michael Bell

    Hey Christopher Finke,

    Big fan man. Been using scribefire for a while. How can I give you some money? If it’ll help you keep up with firefox updates and make it more stable, I’ll give you a bit more!

    Thanks dude,


  34. 34
    Michael Bell

    FYI: Since firefox 11.0, I can’t upload images.

  35. 35

    I am really glad to see such a handy tool is available for all browsers – I use Safari at work, Google Chrome at home, as it is good the application is so flexible and multifunctional. I use it on a daily basis for business and communication and am quite pleased with my work, thanks for the update!

  36. 36

    WordPress authorization fails at Including Blog. ‘Herrondous’

  37. 37
    Lynda Mama

    Thank for share tips, I can’t upload image

  38. 38
    STC Technologies

    Look show beautifull.