September 12, 2011

ScribeFire for Firefox is about to change

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After more than a year of testing, ScribeFire Next (the version of ScribeFire available for Chrome, Safari, and Opera) will be replacing the old version of ScribeFire on Firefox. I’m giving you a heads-up, because change is hard on us all.

What Changes Will I Notice?

For one, the sidebar will move from the right to the left. Other changes you’ll notice:

  • More frequent updates
  • Faster bug fixes
  • New features, faster

As you might have noticed, they key words here are “frequent” and “fast”: the way that the new version of ScribeFire is built (using HTML5 and other Web standards) allows for much quicker development than the code that the old version of ScribeFire was based on.

Your blogs and notes will transfer automatically, as well as any settings that are supported in the new version. You’ll still be able to use ScribeFire in split-screen mode, its own tab, or its own window.

What happened to [Feature X]?

You might find that New ScribeFire is missing a feature you relied on; not every feature from Old ScribeFire was transferred over. This was done in order to keep the add-on simpler and fast. If this is the case for you, you have a few options:

  • File a bug report to request the feature’s restoration.
  • Downgrade to the previous version of ScribeFire, but be aware that you will not receive updates to fix bugs or compatibility problems with blogs.
  • Bonus option: Try ScribeFire Next early and post a comment below reporting any problems you have with it.

To sum up: don’t panic, stay calm, and we’ll get through this.

September 4, 2011

ScribeFire 1.9 is Available

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Version 1.9 of ScribeFire for Chrome, Opera, and Safari, and ScribeFire Next for Firefox, is now available. This version includes the following changes:

New Features

  • Added a setting page.
  • Added ability to publish to multiple blogs at once
  • Post templates – save any post as a template for future use.
  • “Blog This” now uses a custom template like it did in Firefox.
  • Added table management features to the editor.
  • Support for Dreamwidth blogs
  • Added ability to specify a default link target
  • Added option for right-to-left text

Bug Fixes

  • When resizing images by manually changing the width or height, the aspect ratio is preserved.

Upcoming Features

Google Chrome users, download ScribeFire 1.9 for Google Chrome here.

Safari users, download ScribeFire 1.9 for Safari here.

Firefox users, you can download ScribeFire Next 1.9 for Firefox here.

Opera users, you can download ScribeFire 1.9 for Opera here.