February 22, 2011

More Layout Feedback Requested

Filed under: Feedback, ScribeFire, ScribeFire Next -- Christopher Finke @ 05:18pm

This is the current state of the layout for the next update to ScribeFire. In the left-hand column, we have the Blogs dropdown, the Posts dropdown, Categories, and Tags; in the larger right-hand section are the Title, Editor, and Publishing Options. (Click the screenshot for a larger view.)

I think that this arrangement gives the maximum amount of space possible to the editor while still keeping the other portions of the interface easily available.

What do you think? What would you change? What changes do you like?

February 14, 2011

ScribeFire Needs Your Feedback

Filed under: Feedback, ScribeFire, ScribeFire Next -- Christopher Finke @ 05:07pm

I’d like your feedback on the layout of ScribeFire for Chrome (and ScribeFire Next for Firefox). Some users have complained that the current interface takes up too much space, or that it’s too cramped, or that it’s not cramped enough, or that it doesn’t take up enough space. Which of the following would you prefer? (Click each screenshot for a larger view.)

1. The current layout:

2. A bottom toolbar that lets you switch between sections like “Edit,” “Categories,” “Tags,” and “Publish:”

3. A mini-sidebar that moves Categories and Tags into a sidebar next to the editor:

4. A bigger sidebar that moves everything except the post title and editor into a sidebar:

5. Something else. (Explain yourself in the comments.)

Please leave a comment with the number that you’d vote for. Keep in mind that these are just rough approximations; ignore things like the exact colors or spacing between buttons.

February 7, 2011

ScribeFire Goes to the Opera

Filed under: Announcements, Opera, Releases, ScribeFire Next -- Christopher Finke @ 10:53pm

ScribeFire is now available for the Opera Web browser; you can install it from the Opera Extensions website. Support for uploading images is still in progress, but everything else should work just as it does in ScribeFire for Chrome or ScribeFire Next for Firefox.

For those of you not aware, Opera is a Web browser that has been around since 1996; it’s not as widespread on the desktop as Firefox or Chrome, but it is the most popular mobile Web browser, and it’s also the browser that powers the Internet channel on the Nintendo Wii. (Odds are you’ve used Opera without even knowing it.) We’re happy to have ScribeFire be one of the first extensions available for Opera, and we hope that it can be one of the most popular as well.