July 18, 2010

Introducing ScribeFire Next

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The last few months have seen great strides in ScribeFire for Chrome and ScribeFire for Safari, both of which are based upon a single codebase that came from rewriting the main portion of ScribeFire for Firefox. However, ScribeFire for Firefox (a.k.a. ScribeFire Classic®) is still using the old code, making it difficult to fix bugs and get updates out quickly and easily.

In order to allow Firefox users to benefit from the rewritten code being used in Chrome and Safari, I’m introducing a new version of ScribeFire for Firefox, and I’m calling it ScribeFire Next. (As in, “This is where ScribeFire is going Next.”) ScribeFire Next uses the same codebase as ScribeFire for Chrome and Safari, but it’s integrated into Firefox in the same way as ScribeFire Classic®.

There are a few differences between ScribeFire for Chrome and ScribeFire Next:

  • ScribeFire Next supports image uploads.

    Neither Chrome nor Safari have the necessary features that allow developers to integrate file uploads into extensions, but Firefox has had those features for ages.

  • ScribeFire Next has a dynamic layout.

    Because ScribeFire Next can be used in split-screen mode, some changes were made to better accommodate a wide but short display. If your available space for ScribeFire exceeds a certain width and is wider than it is tall, ScribeFire Next will transfer everything but the title and content fields into a sidebar, giving you more space to write:

    Normal (tall) layout:

    Dynamic (wide) layout:

ScribeFire Next will eventually replace ScribeFire Classic® and ScribeFire Mobile (but not until it makes sense for it to do so), meaning that the same code will be used for all versions of ScribeFire, allowing updates to be made available for users of all browsers at a faster pace and with higher quality.

You can install ScribeFire Next right now. It will automatically import any blogs you have set up in ScribeFire Classic® and give you instant access to the new UI and features that ScribeFire for Chrome and Safari already have. (ScribeFire Next won’t interfere with your existing ScribeFire install, but if you have both installed, you will have two ScribeFire buttons in your toolbar and status bar.)

20 Responses to “Introducing ScribeFire Next”

  1. 1
    Fábio Emilio Costa

    Any chance to turn it compatible for FF 3.5? That’s the lastest version I can use here.

  2. 2

    With this new scribefire, is it possible to have several tabs open simultaneously, as was possible with the older version? Is it possible to have “note” pages? What about the “options” that the older version had?

    Are these features just not yet included, or are plans to have them in future versions, or am I just not seeing them and they’re there?

    thanks for your help.. I’m sticking with the older version until these questions are answered..


  3. 3

    also how do i get to the “settings” in the new version? how can i make scribefire always open in a tab?

  4. 4
    Bill Quick

    What happened to the right-click context menu function?

  5. 5
    Christopher Finke

    Mango: https://code.google.com/p/scribefire-chrome/issues/detail?id=100&can=1#c1

  6. 6
    Christopher Finke

    Mango: Not yet.

  7. 7
    Christopher Finke

    Bill: It will be added soon.

  8. 8
    Ileane @ Basic Blog Tips

    I love the extension and I created a video demo for it. You are welcome to post this on the extensions download page if you want. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKREUYZtEno

  9. 9

    Will you be adding a spell check for all the fields aka: Title, main body ?

  10. 10
    Mes Extensions Firefox/Chrome « BenGeek blog

    [...] version of ScribeFire for Google Chrome and Safari has been released; the equivalent version of ScribeFire Next is also [...]

  11. 11

    Hi guys

    I’m using Chrome a lot now and was happy to see this extension available. Just wondering though, I have multiple authors on my site and would like each author to be able to make a post and select their own name. But, I see no way of selecting authors.

    Can you add this as an update and if so, when do you think it could happen? For now, I’ll just have to post (and have my writer’s who use SF post) in draft mode. :(

    Either way, thanks for continually developing this addon/extension.


  12. 12

    Is there a way to switch the sidebar on? I couldn’t make the mentioned sidebar appear in firefox, the so-called dynamic (wide) layout. Thanks.

  13. 13

    I have two questions:

    1) Is there the possibility of German language?
    2) How can I use ScribeFire Next as full screen?

    Best thanks for answers

  14. 14
    cos min

    Nice to see scribefire next. However, in scribefire classic I was able to edit my blog pages also, not only posts. How can I edit (or add) a page (not a post) in scribefire next?
    I’d like to see settings button also, I could not find it in the Next version.
    For the moment, I’m very happy with the Classic version and stick with it for now.

    Congrats for your work.

  15. 15

    The most recent update of scribe fire for firefox on both my machines the option to upload an image from my computer is not there. It looks the same as it does for chrome and I can only link to an image online. I tried it on both my machines, in firefox and its not working at all. The option just isn’t there.

    Im using firefox 4b6 (it was working fine at firest with this build)

  16. 16
    Christopher Finke

    Support for adding/editing pages has been added in version

  17. 17

    This add-on is simple and efficient. But I didn’t find any right-to-left feature in it. I hope that is would be included in next versions.

  18. 18


    Congrats on a great release. ScribeFire was always almost perfect for me, but now you’ve added the missing features. Kudos on a great piece of work.

    Now that you’re buttered up…

    One word: Styles. It’s nice to be able to change fonts, but heck, that’s the point of CSS! I’d love a drop-down list of either my blog’s styles, or simply the basics (p, h1-h5, etc.).

    I rarely change the font, but I often add subheds (h3) and other goodies.

    If you can see it in your heart to add that, or to give us the option, that’d be wonderful. Thanks!

  19. 19

    I like Scribefire classic because I can upload images from flicker and zemanta. Why aren’t these options in Scribefire Next? Also where is the sidebar with the categories, notes, posts option?? I hope you will include those options, I actually prefer the Classic version at this time, the only new feature Next has appears to be the ability to upload an image rather than use one online or from Flicker or Zemanta. Why not add the option to upload an image to the Classic version instead of removing the Zemanta, Flicker and sidebar options??

  20. 20

    I used the scheduled date/time option on a post recently and now, all posts are marked as “scheduled” … even though I’ve cleared all fields. Any idea why this is happening and what can be done to fix it?