January 13, 2010

A Common Problem and a Simple Solution

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One of the most common bugs reported for ScribeFire is a variation on this theme:

“When I post to WordPress, all of the HTML is stripped out. e.g., <br /> appears as ‘br /’.”

This is not a bug in ScribeFire; rather, it is a bug in a piece of software called PHP that is used to run your blogging software.

The (hard) solution to this bug is to get your Web host to upgrade their version of PHP to version 5.2.9 or greater. If that’s not possible, you can fix it yourself by installing this WordPress plugin.

Thanks to all of the ScribeFire users that have reported this problem, and thanks as well to the other users that supplied links to the fixes.

11 Responses to “A Common Problem and a Simple Solution”

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    Hi, it seems that despite there is an issue with creating valid XHTML by the ScribeFire editor. When I tried to validate my (WordPress driven) blog, there appeared a couple of markup errors. Mostly wrong placed block elements like or . When I open a posting created with ScribeFire in the tinyMCE (WP internal editor) and update it without doing any changes, it cleans out the code and the markup errors disappear. Any idea how to avoid this behaviour (other than writing the postings in HTML)?


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    Marc Sheffner

    The “blog to WordPress” problem also happened when trying to “blog” a photo from Flickr to my WordPress blog. The Flickr problem has been solved by upgrading my PHP to version 5.3.

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    Upgrading PHP

    [...] and edit the .htaccess file by adding the following line of code (I upgraded to version 5.3, as per Scribefire’s instructions): AddHandler application/x-httpd-php53 .php .php5 .php4 .php3 [...]

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    Scribefire plugin problem

    [...] today and uninstalled Scribefire, rebooted Firefox and prepared to blog about it. Going to the ScribeFire homepage, however, I read the following: One of the most common bugs reported for ScribeFire is a variation [...]

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    Erratic Foxboy » Blog Archive » Test Blog Post.

    [...] This is a test to see if the blog post mentioned at http://www.scribefire.com/2010/01/13/a-common-problem-and-a-simple-solution/ [...]

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    This isn’t fixed. I have the correct bits as well as the ‘fix’ installed in the latest version of WordPress and my html is still mangled.

    WordPress 2.9.1


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    Hey, when I can use Scribefire-extension for my Google Chrome? You are planning to do this?

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    Eric Rasmusen

    The only reason I installed Scribefire was to copy HTML easily, and it seems that feature is broken for WordPress. The WordPress editor does everything else Scribefire does, doesn’t it? The fix has no installation notes. How do I install it? I guess I should upload it to my WordPress server, but to what directory?

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    Another Common Problem is i have mutilple blogs and want to post the same article to all blogs at once instead of having to select eachone. A simple solution would be to include grouping folders to allow the user to select. Then the post would go out to the sites inside the folder. So i could have themes sites , like 5 sites about fitness, and 8 sites about dogs, and 3 sites about making money. this way i could write post about dogs and post to the 8 sites at once. This is a common problem and need a simple solution thx

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    It cleans out the code and the markup errors disappear.

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    Then the post would go out to the sites inside the folder.