June 10, 2008

Offline Blog Promotion Techniques (Part 3 of 3)

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In this post I’ll be concluding my mini-series on the topic of offline blog promotion. Before you get into this last series of tips you might also want to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

10. Workshops and Teaching Opportunities – this is something I experimented with in the early days of my blog (with some success). I noticed that my local library was advertising free community workshops in the evenings. The topics being covered were very diverse and ranged from a night for people wanting to visit Morocco (I remember that because at the time we were planning a trip), to a night on how to use email for seniors, to a night on parenting skills.

After attending the Moroccan travel evening I asked the librarian if they were looking for other workshops. She said yes and I booked myself in to run a night introducing people to how to use a digital camera. The night was attended by 50 people – all of whom went away with training materials with my blog’s URL all over them.

Similarly, many organizations like to feature speakers with expertise on different topics. Keep an eye open for these opportunities and while they might not always ‘pay’ you anything financially most will be willing to allow you to promote your blog.

11. Advertise – the idea of advertising your blog online is not unfamiliar to many bloggers who dabble with Advertising on AdWords, StumbleUpon, Facebook, BlogAds etc – however I talked to one blogger recently who had been experimenting with advertising offline.

He had been taking out classified ads in local papers. He’d used a unique URL in these ads so he could track the conversion and had found that it had been well worth the time and money that he’d put into these campaigns.

12. Notice boards – another tactic that I saw recently in a local cafe was to put up notices in public places. Many cafes, libraries, shops and community centers allow people to advertise services and events on notice boards – why not put up something about your blog? This of course will probably work best for blogs with a local focus – but if you target the places right you could also appeal to certain demographics.

13. Talk About It – many people like to keep their blog’s private from friends and family. However those that know you best could well be your best evangelists for your blog! Don’t go on about it all of the time but unless you’re giving away family secrets and blogging about the conversations you have with your best friends – let those around you know about your blog!

7 More Offline blog promotion tips from my ‘friends’

I asked my twitter and friendfeed friends to give me their tips on offline blog promotion and heres 7 of the techniques that they came up with which will round our list out to a total of 20:

• smithereensblog suggests – “offer college professors permission to use your content as a course resource”

• Sheamus shares – “put your blog on a blank business card, then go to a bookstore and slip it into the books in your niche!”

• GlendaWH writes – “Back of your laptop when presenting. Magnets. Car signs.” – note from Darren, my friends in New Zealand from idolblog have had their blog’s URL plastered all over their car for a while now, it seemed to work well for them!

• Aaron at Technosailor wrote a post on Guerrilla Marketing Techniques – one of which was to use your blog’s URL as your WiFi network name.

• dogeatdoug says – “I use bookmarks. People keep them more often than business cards. And they use them.”

MyDollarPlan says – “When promoting offline, I refer to my site as a personal finance website. Avoid calling it a blog; you’ll get a wider audience.• ”

andrea_r suggests – Tell people! Many bloggers keep online sperate from offline. ie; friends & fam don’t often know all my online activities.”

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    Sue @ TameBay

    Calling it a website not a blog is a great suggestion, and it definitely works to widen your audience.

    Thanks for all the tips Darren!

  4. 4
    The Tech Juice

    Some excellent tips here. I personally try to use word of mouth.

    I am too busy right now with everything to get to a convention, but I would absolutely be open to talking more about my blog with people I know. Not in an uninvited, arrogant, annoying kind of way, but in a more personal, “Hey, I really love to do this in my spare time” kind of mention.

    Maybe word will spread.

    The Tech Juice

  5. 5
    Daniel Smith


    Thanks for including my suggestion (re: college/university professors.) In my experience, profs are always striving to be “hip” and relevant in their assigned or “suggested” readings, especially in niches like marketing, business and writing/communications, so it can be a very win-win proposition.

    The other suggestions (both yours and those from your Tweeple/FeedFriends) were great too, and I look forward to trying some of them out soon.


    Daniel Smith
    Smithereens Blog

  6. 6

    Thanks for including my tip Darren. This series is really great! I have a book tour coming up and plan on taking a bunch of these ideas for a test drive.

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    Daniel Smith

    I love how splogs unabashedly rip off content and then link back to the original so their crap shows up as a trackback…

  9. 9
    MJ Ray

    Daniel Smith – don’t knock it. It’s a great way to be informed about them before they show up in search engine results! (as long as you moderate trackbacks and pingbacks from unknown sites)

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