May 8, 2008

Why you should comment on other people’s blogs

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Sometimes we get so focused on our own blogs that even when we are actively reading other blogs in the industry, we just end up not commenting on them, even if we have something interesting to say on it. But commenting on other blogs is a large part of any blogger’s marketing strategy, especially if your blog is fairly new with a low subscriber rate. Here is why you should really be commenting on other people’s blogs and how you should do it.

Become known by the blog you comment on
It can be a great way to introduce your blog to another blog in the industry you want to connect with, especially if your blog is brand new. I tend to visit all URLs from new commenters on my blog, and yes, I have subscribed to some of those feeds. And in this world with what seems like 20 gazillion active blogs, chances are I might not have found those blogs if they hadn’t commented on my blog first.

You know the old saying that ads need to be seen 7 times before they generate a response from the consumer? The same thing applies to blogs. If someone sees you commenting regularly on blogs – especially multiple blogs in the same market -eventually people will get curious and click on your link to see what it is you do or write. So while that comment you left on a blog might not actually result in a clickthrough to your own blog, there is a good chance at least a few people read it and your name (or your blog name) will be in the back of their head for the next time they run into one of your comments.

Yes, you can actually get a significant amount of traffic to your blog simply by including your URL when you make a comment. And the faster you comment after the blog post goes up, the more likely people will click your link. Just make sure you are including your URL in the URL field — don’t add it as a signature which can seem pretty spammy and could end up resulting in your comment being disapproved.

New Subscribers
Yes, you can get new subscribers simply by leaving comments on other’s blogs. First, you have to make sure your comment is good, insightful and top quality. Anytime I come across a really good comment someone has made on a blog, it makes me interested to know what else that person has to say in their own venue. And if I find their blog quality backs up the quality of the comment, I will subscribe to their feed.

Yes, not all blogs automatically nofollow links made by those who comment. Some have requirements to make it followed, such as X number of comments or approval by the blog author, so make a note of those blogs and comment more frequently on those, especially if they are considered authority blogs in your space.

Pay Off
Some people complain it takes too much time to comment on another blog. But if you have read the article anyway, it doesn’t take much time or effort to post a quick comment or response on what you read. Don’t think you have to write something lengthy, even a “Yes, I had the same response when I did XYZ on my blog a few months ago” is fine. The return on the time investment is one of the best things you can do for your blog.

It is important to comment on other’s blogs regardless of the popularity of your blog. But when you are starting out, commenting can be a crucial component that can actually make or break your blog. What do you think is harder? Encouraging a blogger to link to your brand spanking new blog, or getting traffic from that blog by people who read your comment there? Commenting by far! Then the traffic and links will naturally follow.

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    Luis Gross

    I must agree, commenting on other blogs is very important, for all of the terms mentioned above. It’s a great way to spark curiosity into the mind of readers, leading to a potential visit to your own blog. Commenting on the right blogs can lead to a substantial amount of steady traffic if you make it a habit, and comment on the right blogs at the right time.

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    My traffic always spikes when I leave an interesting comment on someone else’s blog. One time I wrote an incredibly incoherent post on someone’s blog by accident and I got the most traffic I’d ever received hahaha

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    I agree completely, at one point I made an effort to be active on other blogs and I saw a very good improvement in my traffic, since then I’ve gotten slack again and need to get back in the groove

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    Guest blogging at ScribeFire about… blogging! at Jennifer Slegg - Search Engine Marketing Consultant

    [...] Why You Should Comment on Other People’s Blogs For those of you who never bother commenting on other’s blogs, here is why you really should be doing it. [...]

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    i am one of those people who read blog on a regular basis, specially when they are on top list either digg, delicious or dzone, and by then their are so many comments on the blog that if you comment chances are you might end up repeating someone or something. This is something i dislike, so i rarely comment.

    Also their is no point commenting on something if you are not going to add some value to article.

    i am commenting here so that i can have one more person visiting my blog :D

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    Peter Lee

    I make it a habit to visit and comment other people’s blogs. If you know there’s benefits when people visit and leave comments on your blog, shouldn’t you do the same too. I am even sure you even blog about it too. So you’ve just got to walk the talk if you really wish to make some positive impact in the blogger community.

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  7. 7

    Excellent article!

    One of the things that I try to do, to promote blogging as a viable media outlet, is to start referring to it in terms we have come to expect from.. the media.

    Article, op-ed, so forth. Just a thought.

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    Thanks for the reminder. My traffic has gone through some wonky cycles (unpredictable spikes and slumps) during the past few months and it occurs to me now that I’d known this for ages – what you’ve shared with us here – but had actually forgotten. It’s good to have the refresher. Maybe some of us need to see these reasons 7 times… :) Cheers!

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