April 8, 2008

Featured: Preview release with tabbed editing

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Update: The latest preview build is here.

A lot of changes have been made in order to add tabbed editing to ScribeFire, so we’re releasing a preview release before a general release to let early adopters try it out and submit feedback before we unleash it on the general ScribeFire population.

You can download/install this version (1.4.9pre) at the ScribeFire Google Code project. While using it, submit your feedback as comments on this post or as a new issue.

Here’s a screenshot of the new layout:

Tabbed editing.
Tabbed editing and smaller tabs for accessing the non-editor panes.

Also, timestamp editing was enabled for users of all browsers, not just Firefox 3:

12 Responses to “Featured: Preview release with tabbed editing”

  1. 1

    I’m a newbie, how do I install this App.?

  2. 2

    Uhm, how do I close the tabs? Middle-mouse doesn’t close them, there’s no X to click, there’s no close button to be found… Seems like something that simple should be pretty apparent.

  3. 3

    yeah i agree… i uninstalled it after i had six blank tabs up… but if there is an answer may try again.

  4. 4
    Christopher Finke

    xioustic, sogalitno: This update: http://code.google.com/p/scribefire/downloads/detail?name=scribefire-20080410.xpi adds support for middle-clicking on a tab to close it and fixes the missing close-button on Windows/Linux.

  5. 5
    Alaa Salman

    Hi Chris,

    I wasn’t sure where else to ask this, but is there anything i can do to help with scribefire development?

    I have some small patches off trunk that address really minor things but i figured that you already took care of those since trunk is pre-release right now. I also took a look at the open issues, but can’t figure out which of these issues are already being worked on, so i thought I’d ask.

    Some smaller issues would be better as a start, but I’d like to help anyway you see fit.
    I’m new user to scribefire and i love it, thank you for your efforts in creating it.

    Alaa Salman

  6. 6

    Hey, this is a pretty cool update! In fact, it seems to be a great way to add in a feature I was coming here to ask in the first place, but before I get to that:

    I’m using a plain-vanilla installation of FF with no skins installed. With this current version of SF, if there is only one tab, it’s missing it’s right border, making it look a bit messy.

    Also, there seems to be a problem with the “add an image” button: it’s not popping up with a dialogue. The YouTube and Flickr buttons are awesome, but it would be nice to be able to browse our own files on those services or enter the video ID directly, rather than searching.

    As for my feature request:

    We can upload via API with ScribeFire, but would it be possible to use the WordPress API to view the uploaded files and pick one we already have? That would rock.

    Thanks, and rock on!

  7. 7
    Christopher Finke

    DragonFlyEye: I would love to add a feature like that, but WordPress’s API does not support it.

  8. 8

    Hi, don’t know where to report bugs, hope that I am coming to the right place.
    —-Bug Report #1——
    ScribeFire Version: 2.01, 2.02
    Firefox Verson:
    Bug Abstract: Can’t login Lifetype blog service
    Bug Description
    1.Since version 2.01, I can no more login to my lifeypte blog service, which never happen before this version.
    2.In version 2.01 and 2.02, I can successfully set my lifetype blog service using the account wizard(manual configure with meta blog xmlrpc), and after my providing of username and password, it did fetch my blog title
    3.However, less than 2 second, it popped up a dialog window read as “incorrect username or password”. What’s going on?
    4.Then I reinstall with previous version, the error comes no more. So I am very sure about this issue occurs only in the v2.01, 2.02. Please help solve that, thanks!

    —-Bug Report #2——
    ScribeFire Version: 1.48 and after
    Firefox Verson:
    Bug Abstract: Unfitting of Chinese translation on Chinese traditional (zh-tw) system. (UTF8)
    Bug Description
    My OS’s and firefox’s local language setting is Chinese traditional (zh-tw) UTF8 Since version 1.48, it has been arbitrarily setting the interface language to zh-CN, which is in Chinese Simplified and is quite harassing (and even offensive!). I think the program should respect the difference between the two Chinese character systems by detecting that correctly. Could you please fix this for all the Chinese Traditional users? Thanks very much.


  9. 9

    Feature request / refinement:

    Thanks for a very useful firefox plugin. i find it useful for me to blog as i surf the web. however, i would like to make a small request on the feature refinement with regards to the scribefire window: could we have an open to open the scribefire window as a vertical split to the browser screen instead of the current horizontal split? computers nowadays come with wide screen – which allows for side-by-side windows.


  10. 10
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  11. 11

    I would like to request 2 things. A “BlockQuote” button and more importantly I use Ctrl-ArrowKey to quickly jump back and forth between words. This does not work in ScribeFire.

  12. 12
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