April 28, 2008

Multi-lingual? Why not help translate ScribeFire?

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Do you know more than one language? Why not help us translate ScribeFire into as many languages as possible?

There are about 400 words/phrases that make up a full translation, but you don’t have to translate all of them yourself. Multiple translators can work on a translation, and any phrases you don’t translate will still appear in English.

If you want to help out, just sign up at Babelzilla, select a language, and start translating!

April 26, 2008

Seeking feedback: design changes

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We want ScribeFire to be the best blogging tool out there, and as part of that quest, we’re taking a look at possible updates to the design and layout of the editor.

Here’s our current design (click for full-size):

Current design of ScribeFire editor

And here’s a proposed redesign (click for full-size):

Updated design for ScribeFire editor

What do you like about the new design? What don’t you like? Any other changes you would make?

April 24, 2008

ScribeFire 2.0.1 update available

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We’ve released an update to ScribeFire 2.0 that fixes some of the main issues you’ve been seeing since the last release:

  • Added an ‘Edit’ button for the blogs list.
  • Added the “Keep Content” button back.
  • Fix for notes tab always being selected when a new editor tab is opened.
  • Fixed bug making links in preview mode not work.
  • Added username to authorization prompt.
  • Fixed bug in account wizard where bad login data would cause it to do nothing.
  • Fixed LiveJournal support in account wizard.
  • Fixed bug causing LiveJournal titles not to appear.
  • Cleaned up “Delete Page/Post/Note” functionality.
  • Made editor remember the last edit mode.
  • Updated Korean, Russian, and Spanish translations.

You can install the update at Mozilla Add-ons, or you can wait for Firefox to notify you that it is available.

Update: Another update, version 2.0.2, has been released to combat an issue with the Spanish translation.

April 21, 2008

ScribeFire 2.0 Released!

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[2.0] I’m pleased to announce that we’ve released version 2.0 of ScribeFire, the most popular blogging tool for Firefox. You can install it at Mozilla Add-ons.

We’ve made some huge improvements since the last release, including (but not limited to):

  • Tabbed editing of posts, so you can open multiple posts or notes at the same time
  • Added the Quickblogging feature for easy modification of existing blog posts.
  • All users can now set the timestamp of their posts, not just those using Firefox 3
  • Fixes to the account wizard make for a better account setup experience
  • A cleaner layout: the left sidebar has been shrunk and the Delicious/Technorati functions have been combined under a new “Share/Promote” tab that also helps you submit your posts to social bookmark sites.
  • Fixed YouTube embedding for Blogger users
  • Added custom ping URL option
  • Added easy YouTube and Flickr integration
  • Major fixes for using ScribeFire in its own tab or window

You can read the full list of changes at the version 2.0 changelog. If you need to file a bug report or would like to request a feature, you can do so by filling out this form. It’s your feedback that has made ScribeFire so popular, and it’s your feedback that will continue to help us make it the best possible blogging tool.

April 17, 2008

ScribeFire.com gets a makeover

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You’ll notice that the site has a different look. Feel free to give your feedback on it in the comments.

April 16, 2008

Feature preview: Quickblogging

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The next release of ScribeFire will have a new feature called Quickblogging. Quickblogging will allow you to edit your blog posts without ever opening the ScribeFire editor. Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve added your blog to ScribeFire, any time you view your blog in the browser, the Quickblogging toolbar will appear:

ScribeFire's Quickblogging toolbar

The first button gives you quick access to the ScribeFire editor, and the remaining buttons allow you to add elements to your posts: photographs from Flickr, YouTube videos, links, quotes, etc. Click on any of them, and you’ll be walked through the rest of the process. For example, take a look at adding a picture from Flickr to an existing blog post:

Adding a picture from Flickr with Quickblogging: Step 0 Adding a picture from Flickr with Quickblogging: Step 1 Adding a picture from Flickr with Quickblogging: Step 2 Adding a picture from Flickr with Quickblogging: Step 3 Adding a picture from Flickr with Quickblogging: Step 4

(Full documentation of the Quickblogging features is being assembled here.)

If you’re interested in trying out this new feature before its general release, you can install this preview release. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

April 14, 2008

New preview release: many bugs fixed

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Update: Latest preview build is here.

I’ve posted the very latest pre-release build of ScribeFire at the Google Code project. Lots of bugs have been fixed in this build, including big ones related to manual configuration in the account wizard, the breaking of toolbar customization, and opening ScribeFire in its own tab. You can see the full list of recent changes to ScribeFire at the project’s code commit log.

If you’ve installed any of the other pre-releases, you should upgrade to this one.

April 12, 2008

New ScribeFire preview release

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Update: The latest preview build is here.

There’s a new preview release posted at the ScribeFire Google Code project for anyone interested in testing the next generation of ScribeFire.

Notable changes since the last preview was posted:

  • Lots of bug fixes for tabbed editing
  • Added option to have custom ping URLs
  • Fixed behavior of <pre> tag
  • Fixed YouTube embedding in Blogger
  • Added “Add video from YouTube” button

Add a video from YouTube from within ScribeFire

Check it out and leave any feedback as comments on this post or as a new issue here. I believe that this next release will be one of ScribeFire’s best, simply because of the amount of feedback you’ve been sending in.

April 8, 2008

Featured: Preview release with tabbed editing

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Update: The latest preview build is here.

A lot of changes have been made in order to add tabbed editing to ScribeFire, so we’re releasing a preview release before a general release to let early adopters try it out and submit feedback before we unleash it on the general ScribeFire population.

You can download/install this version (1.4.9pre) at the ScribeFire Google Code project. While using it, submit your feedback as comments on this post or as a new issue.

Here’s a screenshot of the new layout:

Tabbed editing.
Tabbed editing and smaller tabs for accessing the non-editor panes.

Also, timestamp editing was enabled for users of all browsers, not just Firefox 3:

April 7, 2008

Major interface change

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ScribeFire users: how does this screenshot make you feel?

Tabbed Editing

Note: This is just a preview. Tabbed editing has not yet been released.