March 13, 2008

ScribeFire for SeaMonkey

Filed under: SeaMonkey -- Christopher Finke @ 06:00pm

SeaMonkey users: thanks to the work of Philip Chee, ScribeFire is now compatible with SeaMonkey! There hasn’t been an official release yet with SeaMonkey support, but you can download this testing release to try it for yourself.

Thanks Philip!

4 Responses to “ScribeFire for SeaMonkey”

  1. 1
    Rodrigo P. Ghedin


    Could you exchange tags like <i> for <em>, or <b> for <strong>? I guess it’s more semantic…


  2. 2

    I believe that your link to SeaMonkey is incorrect – should be .org, not .com.

    Still trying out Scribefire. Looks GREAT so far.

  3. 3
    Angela Hayden

    I downloaded for seamonkey and all the menus are in a foreign language. How do i turn them into English?

  4. 4
    Marius Loots


    Great tool! Makes publishing much easier. I seem to have one problem with my installation though. The menu bar is somewhat unreadable. Although I can see where each of the icons or text should be, all that I can read is the default font bit. Everything to the right of that is just a thin flat box. With mouseover I do get the function of each – bold, italic, underline, etc – but it is somewhat annoying.

    I have done searches, but either I am the only person with the problem or I am using the wrong search word.

    Where can I post an screen cap?