March 29, 2008

Featured: ScribeFire nightly build

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Update: The latest preview build is here.

For anyone who downloaded version 1.4.8 and was unhappy with how often the “You haven’t saved this post…” prompt popped up: you should install this nightly build. It is identical to ScribeFire 1.4.8 except for some improvements in when the dialog appears to prompt you to save your progress.

Please continue to leave feedback, either in a comment on this post or at the ScribeFire Google Code project.

March 28, 2008

ScribeFire 1.4.8 Released

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ScribeFire 1.4.8 has been released; you can install it at the new and improved Mozilla Add-ons site.

Changes in this release:

  • Added SeaMonkey support, thanks to Philip Chee
  • Added toolbar overflow menu
  • Added warning before content might be lost by viewing a note or another post
  • Made tags box empty after publishing a post
  • Fixed “Post as Draft” button

Feel free to add any bug reports or feature requests at the ScribeFire Google Code project.

March 13, 2008

ScribeFire for SeaMonkey

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SeaMonkey users: thanks to the work of Philip Chee, ScribeFire is now compatible with SeaMonkey! There hasn’t been an official release yet with SeaMonkey support, but you can download this testing release to try it for yourself.

Thanks Philip!

March 13, 2008

Using the “Post Timestamp” feature

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A new feature in ScribeFire 1.4.7 for users of Firefox 3 is the ability to set an arbitrary publishing date on your posts. (Note: Blogger does not support this feature.)

To use this feature, simply write your post as you normally would:

An example post

And then open the “Options” panel of the right sidebar and change the date and time under “Edit Timestamp” to the time when you want your post to become public:

Editing a post

Then, just publish your post as usual. That’s all there is to it!

March 12, 2008

ScribeFire 1.4.7 Released

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ScribeFire 1.4.7 has been released. You can download it at Mozilla Add-ons.

Here’s the list of changes since version 1.4.6. Important or long-standing bugs are shown in bold:

  • Simplified image upload dialog (issue #5)
  • Added native image uploading for Blogger blogs. (issue #11)
  • Fixed bug in account wizard when blog type was selected with the keyboard (issue #13)
  • Added the ability to edit a post’s timestamp (Firefox 3 only; not supported by Blogger) (issue #19)
  • Added support for tagging in WordPress (and any other platform that supports mt_keywords) (issue #35)
  • Fixed issue where using blockquote removed formatting from the quoted text (issue #42)
  • Added a “Custom HTML” button. (issue #67)
  • Moved Publishing Options into its own tab in the sidebar (issue #75)
  • Updated spellchecking to support Firefox 3.0b4 (issue #81)
  • Added compatibility for FF 3.0b4 (issue #84)
  • Fixed issue where “ ” was being inserted into the text of posts. (issue #89)
  • Fixed bug where random numbers were appearing in the code when adding a link that should open in a new window (issue #94)
  • Changed “Loading tags…” status message to “Loading categories…”
  • Converted right sidebar to an actual tabpanel that blends more nicely with native Firefox theming.
  • Moved “Posts/Notes/Pages” into a sub-box under “Entries”
  • Added the ScribeFire icon to the context menu item
  • Split settings panel into multiple, more specific panels
  • General code and file cleanup
  • Fixed bug in account wizard that caused it to not recognize Blogger blogs with a numeral in the title (e.g., “My 2nd Blog”)
  • Moved FTP settings to their own panel in the Options

Feel free to add any bug reports or feature requests at the ScribeFire Google Code project.

Also, lots of thanks to Evan, the newest contributor to the project for all of the work he’s been doing, especially on getting spellchecking working in Firefox 3.0 Beta 4. Thanks Evan!

March 10, 2008

Looking for a few Blogger bloggers

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The next version of ScribeFire will add support for uploading images to Blogger. If you use Blogger and would like to help test this feature before it is fully released, send an e-mail to with the subject ‘Pre-test ScribeFire’.

Update: No more need for pre-testers; this feature is included in the latest ScribeFire release.