July 23, 2007

ScribeFire and Firefox 3

Filed under: Preview -- Christopher Finke @ 07:59pm

Just an FYI that the next release of ScribeFire (probably 1.4.2, coming in the next week or so) will be compatible with the Firefox 3 alpha builds, also known as Gran Paradiso.

July 20, 2007

Closing ScribeFire

Filed under: Feedback -- Christopher Finke @ 11:06am

There have been a lot of questions about how to close ScribeFire while the close button is missing. Until the close button returns, you can close the editor by either pressing F8 or by clicking on the orange ScribeFire icon in the status bar. If your status bar isn’t visible, make it so by clicking on “Status bar” in Firefox’s “View menu.”

July 18, 2007

Bringing back the “Close” button

Filed under: Feedback -- Christopher Finke @ 01:01pm

I just wanted to know that we’ve heard your requests to bring back the “close” button that previously resided in the top-right corner of ScribeFire. It will be put back into place in the next release, which should come sometime in the next week. (Until then, you can close ScribeFire by clicking on the orange status-bar icon while ScribeFire is open.)

July 17, 2007

ScribeFire 1.4.1 Released

Filed under: Releases -- Christopher Finke @ 06:35pm

We’ve released ScribeFire 1.4.1 on Mozilla Addons. Here’s the changelog from version

  • Navbar is now collapsed by default
  • Rotated nav bar toggle to show direction of flyout
  • Shrunk sidebar toggle to match navbar toggle
  • Restyled publish button to be more consistent
  • Moved navbar and sidebar toggles into the top row the editor to save space
  • Categories have been relabeled as tags
  • Added confirmation to post deletion
  • Blog list now uses radio buttons
  • Added link to each blog in blog list
  • Removed “View this blog” link from bottom of editor
  • Put blogs, tags in groupboxes
  • Moved “add/edit blog” button into groupbox
  • Moved “add tag” button into groupbox
  • Fixed bug where all spaces were being encoded as   
  • Added Strong, Em buttons to editor
  • Fixed blockquote button
  • Added Dutch translation

These are mostly interface changes; in the next few versions, we’ll be looking more closely at fixing bugs and adding the most oft-requested features.

July 11, 2007

ScribeFire Support Forum

Filed under: Support Forum -- Christopher Finke @ 03:44pm

Due to popular demand, we’ve opened up a Support Forum for ScribeFire. Feel free to use it for asking for help, submitting bug reports, requesting features, or just discussing ScribeFire with other users.

July 8, 2007

ScribeFire 1.4.1 is on its way

Filed under: Preview, Support Forum, Windows Live Spaces -- Christopher Finke @ 08:28pm

We’re working on getting a new release out there to fix some long-standing bugs and clean up the UI a little bit. We thank all of you for your patience and feedback.

Here’s a look at some changes we’re looking at making, but not necessarily in the next release:

  • Allowing posting simultaneously to multiple blogs
  • Easier tagging and categorizing
  • Cleaning up the interface
  • Support for Windows Live Spaces
  • Setting posts to be published in the future

We’re also looking into getting a support forum going, which we’ll announce here on the blog when it’s up.